1. Definitions

1.1 “We”, “Us”, “Our” are all references to Harley Street Microblading.
1.2 “You” are all references to the client contracting with us under these terms & conditions.
1.3 “Consent form” means a written form recording your consent to a treatment given by you.
1.4 “Deposit” means the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of £150 payable to make a booking.
1.5 “Consultation” means a paid 20-minute consultation with one of our therapists to discuss our services.
1.6 “Treatment” means the initial or a follow up/top up treatment.
1.7 “Follow up/top up treatment” means the treatment, which follows and is a complimentary to the initial treatment, on the strict condition that it is booked within 42 days of your initial treatment.
1.8 “Maintenance treatment” means the treatment, which follows after a complimentary top up treatment.

2. Booking & Treatment Procedures

2.1 By booking a treatment with us, you fully agree with our terms and conditions.
2.2 For us to make the booking of your treatment, we will need to receive the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit payment of £150.
2.3 Semi-permanent makeup treatments should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant between your initial and a follow up treatment, your follow up appointment is terminated. You accept that you are not entitled to any refund either in full or part.
2.4 If you decide to reschedule your appointment we require at least 7 days notice. We will allow you to reschedule your appointment 1 time only without any charge. Any further changes to your appointment will be charged at £50 per change.
2.5 We are under no obligation to accept requests from you in the future for any further treatments. Furthermore, we do not need to explain the reasons for any refusals.
2.6.You understand and fully accept the following and therefore take liability of us:
– 2.6.1 No refunds are allowed regardless of the circumstances or reasons
– 2.6.2 Booking times of our daily appointments may slip
– 2.6.3 No free treatments are allowed regardless of the circumstances and reasons.
– 2.6.4 Micro pigmentation is a form of a tattoo artistry and carries with it possible consequences associated with this type of treatment, including but not limited to infection, scabbing, inconsistent colour and spreading or fading of the pigments.
– 2.6.5 You agree with the shape and colour of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips that was drawn by the therapist.
– 2.6.6 The highest standards of hygiene are met and that the sterile disposable needle(s) are used for each individual client, treatment and visit.
– 2.6.7 The colour may, at first, appear darker, and that at least 50% of colour may be lost as scabbing clears, usually within seven days of the first treatment, in some cases up to fourteen days of the first treatment, and that further treatment(s) may be needed to achieve the correct colour balance.
– 2.6.8 Semi-permanent make up treatments require regular top-up sessions to maintain the colour and shape, and the duration between maintenance treatments varies depending on each individuals skin type and lifestyle.
– 2.6.9 You may require an additional treatment following the complimentary top up session, this will be charged at the rate of £100 if performed within 8 weeks of the complimentary top-up session, and from £200 thereafter.
– 2.6.10 In rare cases, even after several sessions, the desired results may not be achieved due to skin’s failure to assimilate the ink pigments.
– 2.6.11 Maintenance treatment includes one treatment only. If you require an additional treatment done after it, you will be charged at the rate as in clause 3.6.8.
– 2.6.12 If you fail to attend your complimentary top up treatment within 42 days of the initial treatment, your complimentary treatment is terminated. You will be charged according to clause 3.6.8.
– 2.6.13 In case of a correction of a previous semi permanent make up done by another provider, the end result will not be as good as the result when performing a treatment on a fresh skin.
– 2.6.14 The result of the treatment is determined by the following factors: medications and supplements, skin characteristics (dry, oily, sun damaged etc), natural skin undertones “scarring”, alcohol intake and smoking, general stress, immune system condition, poor diet, post treatment care and lifestyle.
– 2.6.15 You consent to “before and after” photographs being taken. Before and after pictures of the treated area might be used on social media.
– 2.6.16 If you had a previous outbreak of cold sores/herpes and receive a lip enhancement treatment, you may have an outbreak after the treatment. You may have to take anti-herpes medications at least 2 days before the lip treatment.
– 2.6.17 If you have had a sty or blepharitis previously and receive an eye treatment, you may have an outbreak after the treatment. If this happens please consult your doctor.
– 2.6.18 Pre and post treatment instructions given to you by us are important. Complications may occur if you do not follow the instructions given.

3. Dispute Resolution

3.1 Any disputes or complaints, which arise between us are strictly confidential between ourselves
3.2 If you wish to file a complaint, you agree to send it to our email: info@harleystreetmicroblading.co.uk and not to publish (or cause the publication of) it any more widely whether orally or in writing to third persons or to the world at large through the use of the internet or any other means.
3.3 We will reply to you within 21 days of complaint being received.
3.4 The resolution of the dispute shall remain private and confidential between the parties
3.5 If you are unhappy with our response to your complaint then you must refer your complaint to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) for the appointment by CEDR of an independent mediator to seek resolution through mediation.
3.6 The cost of a mediation under clause 4.4 shall be borne equally between the parties.
3.7 Only if a formal mediation arranged by CEDR under clause 4.4 fails to resolve your complaint, you can apply to a court.
3.8 The English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear the case.

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